Monday, May 12, 2014

What's wrong with JavaServerFaces

When we click on the “homepage” link of the JSF entry in Maven Repository we are forwarded (from - I thought that company died long ago, but Oracle doesn’t bother fixing links) to
which currently showcases a picutre of a young man in front of the computer
enter image description here
and we are told he is probabaly working with JSF & PrimeFaces (PrimeFaces is “a popular JavaServer Faces (JSF) UI framework” that is also used in my project, I hope I’ll get to cover that too).
Now, to me, he doesn’t look like he is happily working on something interesting but rather trying hard to finally get-that-bloody-thing to work (already in the exhaustion/resigning phase – “damn, why doesn’t it work!? :(“).
This is comes close to how I feel about the series of tools I am writing about here (1).

So let’s get started tinkering about this web framework.

Wow, I cannot read on, obviously that webpage is not meant to be looked at when seriously trying to learn about jsf.

Looks like is not too bad a place to start.

To be continued…

(1): Combined with the feeling that “it cannot be so hard to make this better, let me show you”

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