Friday, February 20, 2015

Dead Simple Todo Tool - Open Source, Javascript, Web-Based



This is a python webserver + browser based very simple todo list tool
which augments a pen and paper based list with
- recording the dates of changes and
- infinite nesting plus reordering of items.
All the data and required media is stored locally.

How to

To run this, get Python 2 (e.g. Python 2.7.9),
run the script (`python`)
and open http://localhost:8001/todo.html in your browser.
The data is preserved over refreshes of the page and restarts of the server.


Do what you want with this (subject to the licenses of the tools used which I
did not read).


- Delete an entry
  Shift delete while it is in focus or backspace when the text is empty.
- Insert new entry below selected
  Hit enter.
- Insert new entry as child of current
  Hit shift+enter
- Insert new entry above selected
- Write '.' as the text in an entry to indent it by one level.
  Useful if you hit enter but meant shift+enter.
- Write ':' for the text to decrease the indentation.


This tool is basically
  Jon Berg's simple custom python http server +
  Manuele J Sarfatti's jQuery nestedSortable +
  font-awesome +
  contenteditable=true +
  a few jQuery hooks.


This Todo list favors simplicity and clarity over feature-richness and (over?) design.

- Paul Frischknecht, 2015/20/2